Whether or not you enjoyed HBO's 'Girls' season 2 premiere "It's About Time," or found it more of what made the first season so controversial, there's no arguing that both audiences and the Golden Globes find the Lena Dunham-fronted series all abuzz. So how will the rest of the buzzy HBO comedy's sophomore season unfold, beginning with Sunday's all-new "I Get Ideas?" Brace yourself for further Shoshanna weirdness in the latest 'Girls' clip!

Mixed-reviewed and conflicting as ever, 'Girls' will hit back with its sophomore season once again this Sunday in all-new HBO episode "I Get Ideas," as Hannah confronts the creepy remnants of Adam's affection for her, and Shoshanna and Ray celebrate their new-found reunion, with rapid-fire dialogue only 'Girls' could deliver.

From HBO's official press release:

Episode #12: “I Get Ideas”

Hannah gets unsolicited musical attention from heartbroken Adam and displeasing opinions on her writing from Sandy (Donald Glover). Elijah questions his sexuality; Marnie makes a career compromise when her curatorial dreams are crushed; Jessa revels in married life; Shoshanna and Ray make magic; and Elijah and Marnie harbor a secret.

Uh-oh. If Sandy has displeasing opinions on Hannah's writing, does that mean we're losing Donald Glover already? And how long are we really expecting Jessa's marriage to John-Thomas to last?

Check out a sneak-peak of Sunday's all-new 'Girls' episode "I Get Ideas" featuring the bedded bliss of Shoshannah and Ray, and tell us what you think of the current season in the comments!