Seriously, so much for Ryan Murphy saying at last year's Comic-Con that 'Glee's third season would rely on characters over buzz-worth guest stars.  Granted, he also went back on that whole "graduation = leaving the show" thing.  So if Lindsay Lohan can turn our heads as an upcoming 'Glee' guest star, but will there be a certain Hilton alongside her?

Yes, but not the one you're thinking!  According to a new report from E!, Lindsay Lohan's role as a Nationals judge in the upcoming season finale of 'Glee' will be flanked by celebrity gossip magnate Perez Hilton, as well as 'Entourage' and 'Suburgatory' star Rex Lee.  Also guest-starring in the last episodes of 'Glee's third season is Whoopi Goldberg, who will play a NYADA judge Kurt and Rachel do their best to impress in hopes of acceptance to the prestigious drama school.

But wait, there's more!  Ever those good sports at FOX, Lindsay's role on 'Glee' will also purportedly pay homage to NBC's 'American Idol'-ratings stealer 'The Voice,' as Lohan (playing herself) will lament that her role as judge doesn't include a swiveling red judges' chair, as on the NBC series.  Described as "great stuff for her" and a boon to Lohan's recent Hollywood comeback effort, the episode will also afford the troubled actress a moment to speak out about child performers, how hard they work, and how much she supports the arts.

When she's not driving into them, of course.  Sorry.  It had to be done.

Lohan, Perez Hilton and Rex Lee will shoot the episode this week, for airing in May.  Are you looking forward to the final episodes of 'Glee's third season, or has the show lost its way?  Tell us which, if any guest stars you'd like to see by leaving a comment down below!