We were getting a little worried about 'Godzilla' there for a while, and between producer lawsuits and a lack of firm casting, we weren't sure this thing was going to make it to the March production start date. But it's happening! And Gareth Edwards has shared a video to prove it!

Director Gareth Edwards filmed a short video offering a greeting to fans from the set of his upcoming remake of the Japanese lizard monster classic. In it, Edwards says hello and confirms that he's just finished filming the first shot of the movie, which appears to take place in a Japanese airport. He won't tell us anything specific, but hey, at least we know this movie is chugging along, right on schedule.

Edwards got the directorial gig on the strength of his indie debut, 'Monsters,' which featured gorgeous visual effects that Edwards spent hours working on with his own laptop. He showed off a homemade teaser at last year's Comic-Con, but that footage never made its way to the internet, and we've been dying to see something since then.

'Godzilla' stars Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe, and Juliette Binoche and hits theaters on May 16, 2014. Check out the friendly hello from Mr. Edwards below: