Now that thermonuclear war is a thing again, there’s no better time for the King of the Monsters to reclaim his dominance in science fiction. This has been a pretty great couple of months for Godzilla; not only did the beloved monster recently receive a live-action reboot in Toho Studios’ Shin Godzilla, he will also be appearing in Adam Wingard’s Godzilla vs. Kong and in an upcoming animated Netflix movie titled Godzilla: Monster Planet. Just a few months prior to the latter's release, we finally have our first full trailer for the film. Flying mech-warriors against super-sized kaiju? Plenty of people are going to be very happy this movie exists, that’s for sure.

The film will be directed by Hiroyuki Seshita and Kôbun Shizuno, who both worked on the popular animated series Knights of Sidonia (also available on Netflix). As noted in a recent piece by Variety, this is tentatively planned to be the first in a trilogy of animated Godzilla movies, meaning that everyone’s favorite monster will have plenty of opportunities to face off against humanity.

Variety also has a few details about the plot of the film, which does seem to diverge a little bit from the typical Godzilla stories. This movie will take place in 2048, when Earth has been overrun by creatures like Godzilla and humanity mounts a desperate last-ditch effort to reclaim its planet. Netflix premiered footage from the film at the Annecy animation festival this past June, and Variety captured a few comments from the filmmakers, noting that director Shizuno came to the project unfamiliar with the Godzilla mythology and decided to create something with broad audience appeal. Either way, Godzilla: Monster Planet will fit in nicely alongside Netflix exclusives like Knights of Sidonia and Attack on Titan in the ever-popular nearly-extinct-mankind-versus-horrible-giant-monster-things subgenre.

Godzilla: Monster Planet will hit Netflix in November of this year.

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