Welcome to Good Burger Pop-Up, home of the Good Burger... [awkward silence] Pop-Up?

All right, they might have to tweak the catchphrase a little bit but the important facts stand: A Good Burger Pop-Up restaurant is opening next month in Los Angeles. Nickelodeon announced (via Entertainment Weekly) that the restaurant will feature “Good Burger-themed service experiences, merchandise, games, secret sauce” and “a few comedic mishaps and surprises.” Original Good Burger star Kel Mitchell is in the video announcing the pop-up; watch it above.

The restaurant is of course based on the beloved sketch from the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series All That starring Kenan Thompson and Mitchell. The sketch eventually became its own movie — and by sheer coincidence, All That is returning to Nickelodeon this month as well. Thompson and Mitchell are executive producing the new series, and other original All That cast members are expected to return for guest appearances as well.

All That returns Saturday, June 15 at 8:30PM on Nickelodeon. Tickets go on sale for the Good Burger on Monday, June 17 at 10AM; it opens on July 10 in West Hollywood, California. You can get more information at GoodBurgerPopUp.com.

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