Early Gotham showings of a young Mr. Freeze brought understandably icy reception; certainly an upgrade for the FOX drama’s costume quotient, if perhaps not-all-there yet. Well, get ready for the full-blown Freeze, as new set photos reveal the chilling sound of Gotham’s doom, cold suit and all!

Where earlier today, trailers for Gotham’s February 29 return brought new looks at House of Cards star Nathan Darrrow in costume as a younger Victor Fries, new Bronx set photos appear to unleash a massive spoiler. Be warned from here on out, but new shots adjacent to production reveal a white-haired (granted, we couldn’t see his hair the first time), red-goggled, and chrome-suited Freeze straight out of the comics:

While we don’t know the circumstances that elevate Darrow’s Fries to full comic attire, it might stand to reason that the iconic dome helmet would be added in post, so as not to stifle the actor’s vision, muffle lines, or perhaps catch reflections. Also visible on set were a battered-looking Bruce and Alfred, along with Jim Gordon.

We’ll get to chart Mr. Freeze’s cold snap for ourselves when the character formally debuts on February 29, but in the meantime, check out the latest teaser below, and prepare for Gotham‘s best-represented villain yet.

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