If Gotham’s Joker-heavy “Gentle Art of Making Enemies” serves as any kind of reminder, it’s that the FOX drama will often rise as close as it can to costumed Batman villains without taking the plunge. That said, one of its most enduring creations may finally suit up, as Cory Michael Smith’s Edward Nygma appears to become a costumed Riddler in the April return trailer.

Yes, it seems Gotham’s Jerome-centric return was only prelude to another hiatus, as the Bat-prequel takes off until April. Nonetheless, our first trailer for April 24's “How The Riddler Got His Name” (to be fair, that was our first clue) sees Ed finally living up to his comic likeness, green suit and all.

Worth noting, it appears Bruce will be taking to heart a few changes from his time with Jerome as well; seen in the trailer fighting a number of would-be bullies and future criminals. And hey, bonus James Remar as Gordon’s uncle!

We’ll see how Gotham fares with its first official costumed supervillain among the main cast (Penguin notwithstanding), so stay tuned for the latest on Season 3's return in April.

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