Just like 'Gilligan's Island,' fellow Nick at Nite rerun classic 'Green Acres' is also getting the big screen adaptation treatment ... as well as a Broadway production, courtesy of director Richard L. Bare, a frequent director on the original series and a man who obviously didn't take Elsa's advice in 'Frozen.' 

According to Deadline, Bare has optioned the rights to 'Green Acres' and is currently looking for a writer/director to helm the project. The original comedy series, based on a '50s radio show, debuted in 1965 and starred Eddie Albert as Oliver Douglas, a wealthy man who buys a rundown farm and moves his socialite wife (Eva Gabor) out of Manhattan to the country. Perhaps more than anything, contemporary audiences are familiar with the catchy theme song -- that, along with the broad comedy, would lend itself well to Broadway.

As for a film adaptation? The concept of wealthy folk abandoning the big city for farm living isn't exactly new and is always ripe for situational comedy, but given the current economic climate and a clever script, there could be an interesting modern angle to the story.

You can watch the opening credits to 'Green Acres' below and get yourself reacquainted (or just acquainted) with the series:

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