Like Thanos has his elusive Infinity Stones, we have our Guardians of the Galaxy Easter eggs, those pesky little references James Gunn keeps telling us there are more of even when we think we’ve found them all. The Holy Grail, THE Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Easter egg, has yet to be found, but a fan has just discovered another that proves the Easter egg hunt is far from over.

While Rocket Raccoon is scouring Xandar for some bounty that will eventually bring all the bounty-hunting Guardians together, he spots Stan Lee’s cameo for a few seconds and some text in an alien language appears onscreen. Twitter user @danactual noted that one line of text can be translated to “Excelsior,” Stan Lee’s catchphrase, and that the language it’s written in is Skrull, a reference to an alien race we have yet seen in the MCU.

Gunn confirmed that this was indeed an Easter egg, though it’s not the one that he’s been promising us still exists and hasn't been found. Sure, Jim. Whatever you say.

As Gunn says, this just proves that there’s more to look for in these movies, and the hunt for the ultimate prize is far from over. He’s promised $100,000 to whoever could prove there are no more references to be found, but it’s looking more likely that he’ll be proved correct as all of the egg hunters come closer to the big one. Still, with so many people still looking, including us, how could no one have found it yet? Maybe all Gunn wants is for us to keep obsessively Ready Player One-ing ourselves into oblivion.

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