Guillermo del Toro‘s Twitter account is a wonderful place. While the rest of us are clogging the internet-tubes with #hottakes and making the same lame joke about future World Overlord Donald Trump for the eightieth time, the Mexican filmmaker has been grinding out recommendations to help viewers better prepare to see his new horror gothic romance film Crimson Peak. Though our own Matt Singer was no great fan of the film, many critics have dealt the baroque spookfest resoundingly positive notices, praising the film’s elegant style. Del Toro has been more than willing to give his credit where credit is due and specifically recognize the works that assisted him in the realization of his vision. But amidst the abstract painting and fantasy novel recommendations, del Toro provided a tantalizing prospect for the future.

Stephen King has enjoyed a bit of a bump in popularity as of late, due to high-profile adaptations of his novels It and The Stand coming down the pike, along with a TV miniseries based on JFK assassination thriller 11/22/63. And it’s been just over 25 years since Mary Lambert’s noted film adaptation of Pet Sematary. Perhaps the time may be right for the notorious G.D.T. to take on King’s tale of walking corpses and death undone. Obviously, he’s got the flair for the macabre, and if nothing else, Crimson Peak proves beyond debate that del Toro could handle the emotionality of one of King’s most resolutely dark novels.

All of this, however, is burying the real lede, which is that del Toro really went right for that pun in his tweet. The man saw an opportunity, and he took it, and for that we can only commend him. Crimson Peak is too genre-specific to take home any of the major Oscars, but del Toro’s got the Corniest Pun of the Year statuette sewn up.

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