At long last, all eight Harry Potter movies will be available for streaming on HBO Max starting in June. The incredibly popular franchise first appeared on the streaming platform when it first launched, but then did a vanishing act after just a few months. Now, you can binge-watch the series start to finish, but there's a catch — you only have a month to do so.

HBO Max's press release detailing June’s new offerings specifies that the Harry Potter movies will only be available until June 30. After this date, they will once again disappear from the site. This is because WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal struck up a deal that allows both HBO Max and Peacock to stream the series during different periods. Before 2016, the streaming and broadcast rights belonged to Disney.

As NBC News explained last August, the Harry Potter movies will be “windowing” between HBO Max and Peacock for different lengths of time. We still don't know exactly how those windows will be divided up over the next few years. For those who want to ensure access to the Harry Potter movies, subscribing to both HBO Max and Peacock is the way to go. Or, you could go the old school route and invest in a Blu-ray or DVD box set.

The current arrangement between WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal lasts until 2025, so it doesn't look like the Wizarding World movies will have a permanent home anytime soon. But for those who only subscribe to HBO Max and not Peacock, June is your month to get your Harry Potter fix.

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