However brightly Agent Carter shines in Season 2, there’s no getting around the diminished ratings from Peggy’s first year, and a recent decision to double-up the remaining episodes on Tuesday. Now, Hayley Atwell herself might be moving on to a different ABC series with a new pilot order, so could Agent Carter Season 3 end up lost to time?

According to TVLine, Atwell has signed on for a lead role in legal drama Conviction, playing the role of a Clinton-like family daughter forced into taking a job as the head of Los Angeles’ “Conviction Integrity Unit.” Granted, Agent Carter only shoots in 8-10 episode orders, and an actor taking a pilot is hardly cause for panic, would it interfere with Season 3 of Cap’s best gal?

Potentially, but not as you’d think. TVLine confirms that should ABC opt to order Agent Carter Season 3, Atwell’s schedule would divide between the two, but it doesn’t look great that the network intends to burn through the remaining episodes. Last night’s “The Atomic Job” wrought only 2.9 million viewers, and Marvel has been shifting its gaze toward a new drama spun out from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well, not to mention the comedies.

Agent Carter has bounced back from worse odds before, but but Marvel suffer its first official cancellation? Is the series worth saving, or is Atwell abandoning ship as well?

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