The movies haven't been very kind to 'LOST' co-creator and show-runner Damon Lindelof lately, what with 'Prometheus' opening to universally "meh" results, and the big-screen adaptation of 'World War Z' undergoing extensive re-shoots.  What better way to welcome Lindelof back to TV with open arms, then with a brand-new high-concept HBO series?

Deadline reports that former 'LOST' co-creator, executive producer and show-runner Damon Lindelof will return to TV for the first time since the iconic ABC series left the air in 2010.  Lindelof will next tackle an HBO adaptation of the 2011 Tom Perotta novel 'The Leftovers,' with the author co-writing the screenplay.  If picked up to series, Lindelof would serve as the show-runner.

Set after the biblical Rapture, 'The Leftovers' follows the tale of those left behind on Earth, not chosen to be taken up to Heaven.  HBO acquired rights to 'The Leftovers' for series development with Perrotta attached as writer/executive producer and Yerza and Berger as executive producers in August of 2011, shortly before the book even came out.  Lindelof read the book, and was immediately enraptured (heh) with adapting it.

'The Leftovers' will also be Lindelof's first project since signing his lucrative three-year deal with Warner Bros. TV, having finished his contract with ABC studios.  The pair will begin writing the script later this summer, following Lindelof's movie commitments.

What say you?  Will you checkout Lindelof's next show, if HBO picks it up to series?  Will it be the next 'LOST,' or another high-concept dud?  Sound off in the comments below!