Given all of HBO's success in the last decade, and even the current pantheon of 'Game of Thrones,' 'Girls,' 'Veep,' the returning 'True Blood' and 'Boardwalk Empire,' the cable network was bound to pass on a few projects here and there.  Still, the latest high-profile project not being picked up to series is turning quite a few heads.

Says Deadline, HBO has opted to pass on their high-profile adaptation of Jonathan Franzen novel 'The Corrections,' despite having already produced a pilot.  The move is seen as somewhat unexpected, given all the star power involved, including Chris Cooper, Dianne Wiest, Ewan McGregor, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rhys Ifans and Greta Gerwig.

Adapted from the acclaimed Jonathan Franzen novel of the same name, 'The Corrections' follows the troubles of a Midwestern couple (Cooper, Wiest) and their adult children (McGregor, Gyllenhaal) as they trace their lives from the mid-20th century to their last Christmas together near the turn of the millennium.  Given the novel's complicated narrative structuring, jumping back and forth between time frames, it would seem that HBO didn't agree that the series would be able to find an audience.  Makes you wonder if they've have passed on 'LOST,' eh?

HBO's lineup has been something of a point of contention recently, having just picked up the Matthew McConaughey / Woody Harrelson drama 'True Detective' for a full eight episodes before production on a pilot, and the hole left in their schedule from the abrupt cancellation of horse-racing drama 'Luck.'  The networks certainly has the money to throw around, so it's interesting to see them pass on such a high-concept attraction like 'The Corrections.'

Oh well, what do you think?  Would you have kept up with 'The Corrections,' complicated though the story may have been?  What would you like to see brought to series in its place?  Sound off in the comments below!