We're just days away from the January 12 premiere of HBO's hotly anticipated killer drama 'True Detective,' but even after the countless trailers and TV spots we've already seen, there's always room for more Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Plus, what's to come when HBO revamps the plot, cast and setting for a potential second season?

Boasting even more new footage and some killer performances from leading actors McConaughey and Harrelson, the latest spot for 'True Detective' gives a slightly wider berth to the criminals and crime scenes of the piece, all of which lend a sense of dreary darkness to the mood. "I can't say the job made me this way," McConaughey's Rustin Cohle says in voiceover. "More like being this way made me right for the job."

For those unaware, HBO’s ‘True Detective’ follows investigators Rustin Cohle and Martin Hart, whose lives intertwine during a 17-year hunt for a Louisiana serial killer. Their investigation of a gruesome 1995 murder cuts through testimony from the detectives in 2012, after the case re-opens. The eight-episode series also stars Shea Whigham (‘Boardwalk Empire‘), Kevin Dunn (‘Veep‘), Michelle Monaghan (‘Open‘), Alexandra Daddario (‘Percy Jackson‘) and Elizabeth Reaser (‘Twilight‘).

Elsewhere, series creator Nick Pizzolatto spoke to HitFix about a potential second season of the drama, which would follow a new crime story with a new cast, or potentially some returning cast in new roles, a la 'American Horror Story.'

If they let us do another one, I'm already working on stuff. I've been told not to talk about that very much. But I'll tell you what I would plan in a vague way. I see the show, if it got to continue, it being set in a different place every year with new characters, I would see it owning its landscape as an integral part of the show, and I believe I would continue to make use of the narrative conceit of a story being told, at least for some part of a season. Again, for all the reasons I’ve talked about: you get a great actor and you just let ‘em talk and you just keep the camera on him. But also, the dissonance between the story being told and what really happened.

You'll see that the voices telling the story may lie, but the image never will. So I think you can be very effective juxtaposition of things happening that are not what is being described. And there's all kinds of reasons why people may not be telling the truth. It may not be intentional at all. And those things don't have to take the form of a police interrogation. , if you think about all the various possibilities it could be somebody laying down a confession, it could be somebody taking over a radio station, I don't know, it's kind of endless. So I think those things would remain the consistent branding of the show.

You can check out the latest pulse-pounding trailer above, and tell us if you'll tune in for the premiere of the Cary Fukunaga-directed 'True Detective' on Sunday, January 12, following the season 3 double-premiere of 'Girls'!