It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the front of Gone Girl pair David Fincher and Gillian Flynn’s Utopia adaptation at HBO, but with Fincher’s Video Synchronicity seemingly on ice, Utopia may again rise. And what better way to get things moving, than reuniting with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Rooney Mara?

Take this one with a grain of salt for the moment, as HBO has yet to issue any official word on Video Synchronicity, though The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider reports that Mara is already in talks to reunite with her Dragon Tattoo director for an unspecified role (more on that below) in Utopia, an adaptation of the original UK series:

So reads HBO’s original logline for the series, which itself will be penned by Flynn, and both produced and directed by Fincher:

The die-hard fans of an iconic, underground graphic novel are suddenly launched into their own pop-culture thriller when they learn that the author has secretly written a sequel. Unfortunately, the new manuscript is much more than just a book and those on the hunt for it suddenly find themselves in a game of shifting loyalties, conspiracy and shocking twists as the true meaning of the book is slowly revealed.

While no details have yet been made known of Mara’s potential role, most have pointed to the likelihood of UK series character Jessica Hyde, a woman on the run from the sinister “Network,” and whose father penned the original Utopia manuscripts. We’ll keep an ear out, but seriously, how much cooler would a Flynn-Fincher-Mara triumvirate be than Video Synchronicity? Make it happen, HBO.

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