The concept of Danny McBride squaring off against Walton Goggins had HBO’s Vice Principals a lock from the start, though one had to wonder what else the series had to offer beyond a cartoon rivalry. See for yourself in the first full trailer and a new featurette, as the two leads find an enemy more loathsome than each other.

Following the past teasers (and bonus Bill Murray cameo), HBO released the first full trailer for Vice Principals, showing Neal Gamby and Lee Russell joining forces against the new principal taking their dream job. There’s also a new featurette for the two actors, whose rapport off-set looks every bit as fun as on:

Premiering July 17 after the second season premiere of HBO’s Ballers, McBride’s Vice Principals follows a high school and the people who “almost” run it, with McBride starring as Neal Gamby, the divorced vice principal in charge of discipline at the school. Goggins, meanwhile will play Lee Russell, vice principal of curriculum at Lincoln High, as both enter an epic power struggle vying for the top spot: to be school principal.

Boardwalk Empire and True Detective alum Shea Whigham will take the supporting role of Ray Liptrapp, the new husband of Gamby’s ex-wife Gale (Busy Philipps). Vice Principals will also feature McBride executive producing alongside Jody Hill, co-creator David Gordon Green and Stephanie Laing, all Eastbound & Down alum.

You can watch the first trailers below, and stay tuned for the July 17 premiere.

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