Long before Westworld turned to be the hit HBO needed, viewers were at least onboard with the show’s iconic soundtrack, from orchestral covers of “Paint It Black,” to original compositions from the mind behind Game of Thrones’ music. Now, HBO releases the full roster of 30+ songs from Season 1 of Westworld, just enough to tide you over until 2018.

Following a few limited collections, WaterTower Music has released the full soundtrack to the sci-fi western series, including covers from Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, Soundgarden, The Cure, and Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi. There’s also the show’s official theme, original music from Djawadi, and just about everything that made its way onto that player-piano across all ten episodes (via Pitchfork):

As to how Westworld ended up with so many covers of recognizable songs, Djawadi told Pitchfork:

What I love about that is it just comes out of nowhere and you don’t expect it at all. You see the settings and the way people are dressed and even though you know it’s robots and it’s all made to be modern entertainment, you would think the people in control would make everything authentic, including whatever is played on that player piano. It would be from that time period. And when it’s not, it’s that subtle reminder that, ‘Wait, there is something not right. This is not real.’ It’s just such a powerful tool that only music can do.

No doubt Westworld Season 2 will assemble an even more memorable roster of musical favorites (even if the hosts have long-since burned that player-piano), but listen to the soundtrack above, and stay tuned for the latest.