Netflix's new original series 'Hemlock Grove' is quickly becoming one of the spring's most buzzed about shows. With werewolves, a younger Skarsgard (Bill) and a supernatural murder mystery, the show has all the makings of a cult hit.

If you haven't checked out 'Hemlock Grove' yet, read on for the 10 most eyebrow-raising scenes that will prove why you should check out Eli Roth's spooky new series. Also, SPOILERS AHEAD. We get that some people are watching one episode at a time instead of binging the whole thing in a trance-like state.

 1. The Werewolf Transformation Scene

Peter's Transformation Into A Wolf

Unlike ‘True Blood,' where the werewolves just strip nude and they instantly become wolves, Peter’s transformation into the big black wolf is painful. His skin sheds, his eyeballs pop out and his lupine side literally pushes away his human self. To make matters worse, as a wolf Peter has to eat his human skin. We also have to give the show props for using a real wolf instead of some terribly animated CGI wolf, a la Remus Lupin in ‘Harry Potter.’

 2. The Virgin Mary 2.0

Letha Godfrey

One of the more eyebrow raising scenes in ‘Hemlock Grove’ is when Roman’s cousin Letha Godfrey has recurring dreams about a shadowy angel right before she discovers she’s pregnant— this despite the fact that she, to the best of her knowledge, is a virgin. Her father thinks she was raped and is repressing the memory, but Letha insists she’s the Virgin Mary 2.0. Is Letha truly baring the next Jesus Christ or is her father right?

 3. Brooke Being Killed In the First Episode

Brooke Bluebell

The show opens with a jaw-dropping, hair-raising murder. The young Brooke Bluebell is on her way to a romantic rendezvous with her teacher (hey, we said the show is controversial) when she stops to let a train pass. Next thing she knows, she's attacked by a werewolf.

The viewers see her gruesome mauling, and if you get nightmares easily, you might want to close your eyes during this part ‘cause it’s not pretty. To make matters worse, Brooke’s teacher's girlfriend has to listen to her die because Brooke called her as she was trying to get away from the bloodthirsty creature.

 4. Shelley’s Deformity Revealed

Shelley Godfrey

What better way to pay homage to Mary Shelley, the author of 'Frankenstein,' than to have Roman’s sister be a mysterious character who resembles a monster? While we won’t spoil what exactly is wrong with Shelley or why she can’t talk, it’s a shocker to the audience when the full extent of her deformity is revealed.

5. Chrissy’s Waking Nightmares

Chrissy's Gruesome Discovery

Poor Chrissy can’t catch a break. She’s an awkward, nerdy writer girl who clams up when she talks to guys. She also stumbled upon the second murder victim whom she kisses because she thinks her friends set up a stupid prank. Talk about shudder-worthy! After everything that’s happened to her, it’s no surprise that Chrissy starts to get waking nightmares, which take her from being put on medication to clawing her would-be suitor’s face in a blind panic. While we won't tell you if Chrissy's hallucinations are merely from fear or for a darker reason, we will say that they get creepier. Much creepier.

6.Clementine’s Secret Past

Dr. Clementine Chasseur

Dr. Clementine Chasseur is not what she seems, but who in ‘Hemlock Grove’ is? While even the local sheriff picked up on the fact that she was too smart to be with the Department of Wildlife, it was pretty crazy when the story flashed back to learn just how and where Clementine picked up her skills. Let’s just say that it involves a pregnant werewolf, a secretive Order that may or may not be part of the Catholic Church and an ex-soldier-turned-monster-hunter.

7. Roman’s Internal Journey

Roman's Dream Symbol

When Roman is knocked out and stays in a coma, he undergoes a psychic journey in the Underworld of his own unconsciousness. This journey, led by his sister Shelley in a shout-out to Virgil and Dante in ‘The Inferno,’ leads him to some pretty surprising revelations, one of which is who his real father is. The trip itself is pretty psychedelic and creepy, especially with the hints of “The Dragon” and the blood on Roman’s shirt.

8. The Identity of the Vargulf

The Vargulf

While we won’t spoil it for you, the identity of the Vargulf is not who you’d think it is. Lets just say we were surprised when the show revealed who the bloodthirsty, crazy werewolf was and what his motivations for going on a killing spree were. The revelation still has fans reeling.

9. Destiny Channeling a Spirit

Destiny and Peter Channeling A Spirit

Destiny, Peter’s psychic cousin, prefers to scam potential clients out of their money but when push comes to shove, her powers are real. One of the most shocking scenes was when she channeled the spirit of victim number two, whose body was found in terrible condition.

Destiny morphs into some sort of demon-ghost hybrid complete with a creepy sing-song voice, body thrashing and black eyes as Peter desperately tries to figure out who the Vargulf is. And let’s not even talk about how Destiny gets into the trance state, either. All we’ll say is if maggots skeeve you out, you’d better close your eyes.

10. Olivia’s Backstory

Olivia Godfrey

While it’s pretty obvious that both Olivia and Roman are upirs (Russian vampires who nom on kids, if you want to know), we were shocked to find out why Olivia hates the Rumancek family and Gypsies in general. Her backstory isn’t the usual “girl falls in love with vampire (sorry, upir), gets turned, etc.” However, while many of Olivia’s actions are despicable and some ‘Grove’ fans would argue that Karma comes back to haunt her in a big way in the season finale, her past is pretty tragic and it does, in a bizarre way, make you feel sorry for her. Kudos to the writers for surprising us with the story of Olivia’s past and still keeping her a tragic character who we love to hate.