Homeland Season 5 appears to be following the same formula as the past season — it’s essentially a soft reboot, transporting the characters and the action to a new location with a brand new mission. The first trailer is light on details, but heavy on the promise of something new.

And that’s most likely a good thing. The Middle East-set fourth season was a shot in the arm for the show’s writing staff and viewers alike, proving that there was still plenty of life left in a show that spent a season or two struggling. The new season leaps forward two and half years, transporting Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) to Germany, where she has left the CIA and her old world of spies and lies and what-not an ocean away. But Carrie is nothing if not unfortunate and the mere presence of Saul (Mandy Patinkin) in this trailer is proof that her past is not done with her. Cue world weary speeches and explosions!

Here’s the official synopsis for Homeland season 5:

Season five will pick up two years after Carrie Mathison’s ill-fated tenure as Islamabad station chief. Struggling to reconcile her guilt and disillusionment with years of working on the front lines in the ‘war on terror,’ Carrie finds herself in a self-imposed exile in Berlin, estranged from the CIA and working for a private security firm.

Homeland Season 5 will premiere sometime this Fall. Expect Showtime to reveal a specific date sooner rather than later.

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