If you watch the show 'House Hunters,' you're probably in awe over how easily they can find the right house for any couple or family. But what if we were to tell you that the people in question don't actually receive help finding a new home in the first place? And that they actually already own the home they're "hunting" for on TV?

That's the situation that apparently goes on this show everyday.

One woman named Bobi recently spoke out about her experience on the show and how much of it was fabricated for television. The biggest surprise of all in this situation is that they wouldn't let her appear on the show unless she already closed on her new house. That means not only did she have her new house locked in but she had to fake the whole search on television.

Says the woman of one scene:

When they decided to film our episode we had to scramble to find houses to tour and pretend we were considering...My hubby hates 'being fake,' so the fact that they had us do 5 or 6 takes on each scene drove him nuts.

But how did they do that?

The woman had to get a couple of her friends to decorate their own houses so her family could browse through them, pretending that it's one of three houses they're looking to buy. At least that explains why some of the buyer's demands are a little off the wall. They're just pretending that they're super nit-picky just for the cameras.

Once again this proves that reality television isn't quite so real. Everyone's just faking it just to get their fifteen minutes of fame. How disappointing.

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