It’s been a good while since we’ve checked in with Frank Underwood and his increasingly fragile House of Cards, but with Season 4 confirmed for 2016, our erstwhile President has officially begun staffing up. Scream icon Neve Campbell will take a stab at House of Cards Season 4 in a regular new role, but who might need to brush up on their favorite scary movie?

Per Deadline, Netflix is keeping predictably mum about Campbell’s Season 4 role, though worth noting is the regular status, opposed to any guest arc. The report also postulates that Neve might fill one half of a younger power-couple the season has been looking to cast, ostensibly as rivals to Frank and Claire.

Series leads Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright will undoubtedly return, given the ending of Season 3, while 2015 additions Paul Sparks, Sons of Anarchy star Kim Dickens, Sherlock baddie Lars Mikkelsen may also maintain their spots. Also unclear is if the brief production delay on House of Cards Season 3 could push Season 4's premiere back any father than first quarter 2016.

It could be some time yet before we learn what political machinations House of Cards Season 4 will set in motion, but in the meantime, who besides Neve Campbell might go toe-to-toe with Frank Underwood in 2016?

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