Oft-stated throughout 2016 was the sentiment that even heightened political realities like House of Cards would find our real-life election far-fetched. Now, with inauguration looming, Season 5 has a bitter climate to debut against, and may not premiere until April (or later), per a recent shareholder report.

The most recent Netflix shareholder’s letter brought with it a small tidbit that House of Cards Season 5 would be “moving … from Q1 to Q2,” indicating that we can expect Frank Underwood’s (comparatively tame) reign of terror to resume in either April, May or June of 2017. The first three House of Cards season debuted progressively later in February, with Season 4 pushing yet another week into March for its premiere.

We’ve confirmed with Netflix that Season 5 will indeed bow in Q2, which should also put to rest rumors of the streaming service stealth-debuting all new episodes on Inauguration Day. That said, a teaser or official premiere date aren’t necessarily out of the question, as Season 4 first announced its premiere date during the fifth Republican Primary debate in 2015.

Thus far, relatively few details of House of Cards Season 5 are known, other than the announced departure of showrunner Beau Willimon, who will be succeeded by writers Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson. Oscar-nominee Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott will guest-star in heavily-featured roles, while Season 4 additions Neve Campbell and Joel Kinnaman are also expected to return.

We’ll see what quaint American horrors Frank Underwood brings to the table in Season 5, but when might Netflix find a window in all our current political madness to premiere it? Stay tuned for more on House of Cards as it arrives.

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