Those who spend their youths crafting an image as teen heartthrobs often take darker, more daring roles in their adult years, if only to shed that more wholesome image. Well, what better place to shed a teen image than a pay-cable sizzler like Showtime's 'House of Lies?' As we approach the premiere of the show's second season, former 'The O.C.' star Adam Brody is the latest to join the cast, and his new role has quite a bit of buzz around it. 

Adam Brody, vibrators, and Kristen Bell are not three things we expected to one day associate with one another while watching 'The O.C.'s initial run. Yet here we are, as Showtime announces the former Seth Cohen will take a role on the coming (heh) season of Showtime's 'House of Lies,' which premieres on Sunday, January 13.

Appearing in several episodes, Brody will portray the owner of an adult toy company who forms a relationship with Jeannie (Kristen Bell). Brody joins a season that thus far includes former 'House' star Lisa Edelstein, Nia Long, and Larenze Tate.

Though reception to the first season of 'House of Lies' ran the gamut, series lead Don Cheadle was today nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Television Comedy Series.

What say you?  Are you ready for 'The O.C.' to get dirty when Adam Brody buzzes through 'House of Lies?'

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