For gentiles far and wide, yesterday was a day of rest and relaxation; Henry Cavill spent it making headlines. Today brings a twofer of Super-news in the post-Christmas lull:

First off, Cavill made a cameo appearance on Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram account, well on its way to becoming as reliable a source of Hollywood exclusives as Deadline or Variety. Johnson took a break from hyping his followers for his upcoming Baywatch remake so that he could hype his followers for the even-more-upcoming Shazam film, in which the former Rock has been slated to portray villain Black Adam. He shared a glass of brandy with Cavill in the spirit of DC brotherhood, but his caption “We’re excited for what the future brings” as well as the tag #DCWorldsWillCollide” both suggest a more substantial collaboration may be in the works for the two actors. Logic would suggest that Supes will make a cameo appearance in the solo Shazam film, though this could be an innocent display of DC camaraderie just as easily.

The second item on today’s docket concerns the upcoming Justice League movie, and how the alien formerly known as Kal-El will factor into it. cites a new interview in which Cavill outlines the plot that his character faces with the blockbuster-in-the-making, describing tensions between himself and Batman. Cavill mentioned simply that Bats and Supes will squabble over who gets to be squad leader, essentially. “There’s pretty much an argument between him and Batman as to who is the leader,” were Cavill’s exact words, foretelling a power struggle not unlike that between Captain America and Iron Man in The Avengers.

Even for someone who can leap over tall buildings in a single bound, Superman’s been keeping plenty busy this holiday season. We won‘t see him onscreen again until November 17, when Justice League hurdles into theaters, but he won’t be too far from the public view.

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