We still have plenty of unanswered questions with Marvel’s decision to move forward on an Inhumans TV series, especially if a movie is somehow still in the cards. On that note, one wonders about Vin Diesel’s many teasing references to playing lead Inhuman Black Bolt, something Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn certainly doubts to be the case now.

Take this with a grain of salt for the moment, as Marvel TV has offered precious few details on the role of its Inhumans series in the MCU, while Diesel was never officially cast in the role of the non-speaking Black Bolt. Still, fans couldn’t resist asking Guardians director James Gunn over Facebook if there were any chance Diesel might want to take the series role, which, as you might expect, isn’t in the budget:

Is Vin going to play Black Bolt?

The Inhumans is going to be a TV show. Unless Vin wants to take a huge pay cut and sign up to do a TV show it seems unlikely.

Diesel was never officially cast in the role of the mute Inhuman prince (whose voice could level mountains with a whisper), though Diesel certainly had his fun teasing the possibility over social media, especially as a counter to his speaking, but CG presence as Groot. For the moment, Marvel’s The Inhumans plan remains to debut the first two (of eight) episodes in IMAX theaters in September 2017, before moving the series to its new ABC home.

It’s worth wondering what kind of budget The Inhumans might command, if only to help realize the initial cinematic vision, and justify the use of IMAX theaters and cameras. Will our inevitable Black Bolt be someone of Diesel’s presence? Who best to take on the silent role?

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