Last summer, Vin Diesel began mysteriously teasing an upcoming meeting with Marvel. The internet, as you can imagine, exploded with speculation. Was it Vision? Thanos?? It turns out Diesel and Marvel had worked out a deal for the actor to voice Groot in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' with the promise that they'd work together again somewhere down the line. Has that time come already? Well, Vin is back to his old tricks, teasing upcoming Marvel projects on his Facebook page.

Diesel posted this note over the weekend along with a picture of Groot:

Vin and Marvel... you all made it happen! I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I'm Inhuman... Haha.

Inhuman...get it?

The Inhumans were a group of Earthlings experimented on by the Kree with the goal of creating a genetically advanced race to defeat the Skrull in the great Kree-Skrull War. The Kree eventually abandoned their experiments and the subjects created their own society and developed advanced technology, eventually fighting together as a superhero team made up of Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Crystal, Maximus the Mad, and Lockjaw.

'Inhumans' has long been rumored to be one of the upcoming projects that Marvel is working on (along with 'Doctor Strange,' 'Black Panther' and 'Captain Marvel') and Diesel has previously said he's got something else besides Groot that he's working on with Marvel:

When I met with Marvel it wasn’t for anything immediate, it was to talk about a film that would be introduced in the Phase 3 part of Marvel, not for a few years. You wouldn’t be able to see it for a few years.

Could Diesel be in line to play Black Bolt? After all, the character - whose voice is so powerful it can level a city block - is the strong, silent type; just the sort of character Diesel is best at. Of course, Vin could just be yanking our collective chains. He famously began posting about mysterious meetings with Marvel without even having a meeting with Marvel - he just likes getting people excited. Is he doing the same thing now? Maybe Vin really wants to make an 'Inhumans' movie and this is his way of nudging the fine people at Marvel to move forward with the project.

At the very least, we'll have Diesel back as Groot for more adventures in 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' which opens in theaters on July 28, 2017.

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