Another 'Iron Man 3' trailer is set to premiere during the 2013 Super Bowl on Sunday, instantly making the big game one of the most hyped TV events of the new year for Marvel fans. The past trailer debuted a lot of footage, including our new baddie The Mandarin. So what might the new footage show us? Check out the preview for the 'Iron Man 3' Super Bowl trailer after the break.

Sunday is going to be a huge event for movie fans as not only will new trailers for 'Fast Six,' 'World War Z,' 'Oblivion,' 'Oz: The Great and Powerful' and 'The Lone Ranger' premiere, but there's also a new one for 'Iron Man 3' coming our way. Oh yeah, and there's also the Super Bowl, but whatever. ET previewed the upcoming sneak peek of the 'Iron Man 3' Super Bowl trailer, which they say will hit today.

In this new adventure for Iron Man, Tony Stark is trying to recuperate after the devastating events of 'The Avengers,' but he doesn't have all that much time to gather his wits. His home and personal collection of Iron Man suits are blown to bits, leaving his life in shambles. Now, he must rebuild his technology (and some new gadgets) to protect who he loves most.

UPDATE: Here's the official preview for the 'Iron Man 3' 2013 Super Bowl trailer.