Like many of the summer blockbusters, 'Iron Man 3' will be available to screen in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D. But for some lucky superhero fans, they'll actually be able to watch 'Iron Man 3' in 4D. What exactly is 'Iron Man 3' in 4D? Let's find out.

4DX is a new motion picture presentation format that, in addition to screening the movie in 3D, augments the audience experience with environmental stimuli like seat motion, gusts of wind, sprays of water, smoke, mist and over 1000 scents. So when The Mandarin blows up Tony Stark's Malibu mansion, you can feel the rumble, smell the smoke and experience water splashing on your face as Iron Man falls into the Pacific Ocean. It all sounds, frankly, pretty cool.

Sadly, the 4DX experience will only be available in South Korea, Japan and China. (The South Korea 4DX theater was named one of the best movie theaters in the world by CNN in 2012.) U.S. theaters will be added later this year but will not be operational when 'Iron Man 3' is in theaters.

Now for those of you who hate the rising costs of ticket prices, you won't like to hear that theaters are charging - on average - a $13 premium for the 4DX experience. That means (at least based on NYC ticket prices) it would cost $66 for two people to see a movie in 4DX. Not exactly cheap but it sounds like an experience you'll at least want to try once.

What do you think? Would you have any interest in seeing 'Iron Man 3' or any other film in 4D?