Following the release of the brand-new 'Iron Man 3' poster featuring Rhodey in his updated Iron Patriot armor, today's latest tid bit from the upcoming sequel to the Tony Stark saga comes from a mysterious new website that just popped up.

As Iron Man fans well know, Stark Industries is a weapons and technology company founded by Howard Stark and is now owned by Tony himself. Outside of the comic book world, Marvel has unveiled its latest website for Stark Industries, presumably kicking off the viral campaign promotions for 'Iron Man 3.' But what is it all about?

As of the launch date, all that's become available is the homepage for, stating "Test Subjects Required" and "Registration Starts Soon." Could it possibly have something to do with the 2013 WonderCon, which hits March 29-31? Or even San Diego Comic-Con? Or is it something more akin to site that launched a while back for 'Pacific Rim'? Only time will tell.

What do you think has in store for us? Give us your theories in the comments below, and click here to check out the website.