Last year at this time, the world was preparing itself for the opening of 'The Avengers,' which would gross $207 million domestically in three days, shattering the record held by 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2' ($169 million). Now here comes 'Iron Man 3,' the inaugural film in Phase Two of Marvel's superhero series. So can Tony Stark top 'The Avengers' all on his own?

Disney is opening 'Iron Man 3' in 4,253 theaters; not quite as immense as 'The Avengers,' which invaded 4,349 theaters, but still wide enough for the 14th widest opening of all-time. Buzz for the film is at a fever pitch, as the studio has pulled out all the stops in marketing the film while wisely positioning it as the follow-up to 'The Avengers' (as opposed to the less-beloved 'Iron Man 2'). Internationally, the film is already outpacing 'Avengers,' grossing an amazing $300+ million overseas in less than a week, though domestically is another question. The reviews have been quite good, too. Simply put, 'Iron Man 3' is a must-see film event.

'Iron Man 2' made $128 million in 2010, and part 3 is almost certain to best that. But for all his ingenuity and clout, does Iron Man have what it takes to zoom all the way to the top spot of box office openers? How much do you think 'Iron Man 3' will make in its opening weekend?