Who is the main villain in 'Iron Man 3'? That is the question, isn't it? For a while, we thought Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley, would be the main bad guy. Then a report came out saying this Marvel character wouldn't be featured as much in the film as expected, leading us to believe Guy Pearce's Aldrich Killian would be the primary threat. But even that is no speculation as Pearce himself stated that his role is no more than a cameo.

So who will be giving Tony Stark the most trouble? Recently discovered evidence suggest it might be someone (or some people) we already know.

The Latino Review, who also gave the slip to Mandarin's involvement in the third 'Iron Man' installment, reports that the pesky terrorist group known as the Ten Rings, originally featured in the first movie kidnapping Stark and forcing him to replicate his weaponry, will again be wreaking havoc in 'Iron Man 3.' It makes sense, considering the logo of the Ten Rings is in fact two swords surrounded by 10 intertwining rings, a nod to The Mandarin who using 10 magical rings to give himself super powers.

What recent information is this report based on? A photo of the 'Iron Man 3' crew hats, which features the Ten Rings logo. Hmm... not sure if this should be taken with a grain of salt or not. Though Jon Favreau ('Iron Man' and 'Iron Man 2' director, and Happy Hogan in 'Iron Man 3') has previously hinted a plan to reveal how The Mandarin has secretly been behind most of the Stark family's past turmoils.

'Iron Man 3' doesn't hit theaters until May 3, 2013, so there's still some more time to find out the details. Plus, the first official trailer is expected hit sometime next month, and we're assuming then a lot more questions will be answered.