Toys have revealed some major 'Iron Man 3' spoilers lately and while Marvel tries to keep a tight lid on the superhero properties, we now have some more 'Iron Man 3' spoilers courtesy of LEGO. Three new LEGO sets have been introduced that give us a closer look at three new action scenes from 'Iron Man 3' and some of the new characters from the film. Caution: spoilers ahead!

Just a few weeks after the 'Iron Man 3' "Deep Space Armor" was revealed at the London Toy Fair, today Barnes & Noble posted new images of three upcoming 'Iron Man 3' LEGO sets. Each one highlights one of the big action scenes in the movie. Let's take a look below and see what we've learned.

This is the one big action scene that you've seen in the 'Iron Man 3' trailer. Mandarin attack's Tony Stark's Malibu mansion sending it crashing into the Pacific Ocean. The characters included with this set include Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, a caped Mandarin, Extremis Savin (played in the film by James Badge Dale) and the Iron Man Mark XLII armor (which some fans are already speculating is being worn by Pepper Potts).

We'll assume that this takes place towards the end of the film as it includes Iron Man and Mandarin in the "Ultimate Showdown." It's interesting to note that the Mandarin figure included here doesn't look much like the Ben Kingsley version in the movie.

The final set includes Iron Man, War Machine and Aldrich Killian, the scientist behind the Extremis technology (and played in the film by Guy Pearce). Killian has a zombified look here and we'll speculate that he's at this point been injected with the Extremis serum but that's just a guess. It's to note that Killian is holding a bundle of dynamite, which we'll guess probably isn't in the movie (do villains really use bundles of TNT anymore?...).

With still another, final 'Iron Man 3' trailer on the way, we're sure we'll see bits of this footage before the film is released.