If you saw 'Iron Man 3' this weekend (and considering how much money it made, we're going to assume you did) and stayed for the post-credits scene, you saw a pretty cool closing credits sequence. But what you didn't see was a nifty opening credits sequence. There was one created for the movie, however, and you can see it right now.

We saw in the film's credits that Kyle Cooper - the movie credits genius behind 'Seven' and 'Spider-Man 2' - was listed as creating opening credits but noticed that there were no opening credits as the movie opens directly on a voiceover from Tony Stark. But opening credits were created for 'Iron Man 3' and were just never used.

Luckily someone (involved with the design?) uploaded them to the web last night and you can get a glimpse at what they had designed.

We've included all the screenshots below as well as one animated GIF so you can see them in action. The same user said he/she hopes that Marvel will upload an official video of the credits online soon and if/when that happens, we'll add them here to this post.

So take a look below at the unused 'Iron Man 3' opening credits and let us know what you think!

AbNqTj on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs