A few days ago, the internet was tasked with helping to recharge Tony Stark's arc reactor. Our reward for such daring work? The release of the first trailer for 'Iron Man 3.' Well, the reactor is fully charged and the trailer will arrive on Apple Trailers this Tuesday. In the meantime, here's a tease of what you'll get to see in a few days!

Yes, this is one of those awful trailers for a trailer, but c'mon: it's 'Iron Man 3.' We'll take what we can get. At a brisk 18 seconds, this footage exists solely to whet our appetite for the appetizer (with the finished movie being the full meal in this metaphor), so don't click on the clip below expecting too much or you'll be sorely disappointed.

Length aside, the footage is appropriately dramatic and showcases everything you'd expect from an 'Iron Man' film. There's Tony Stark being mobbed by reporters. There's the Iron Man armor in flight. There's Pepper Potts...in extreme pain?! Things don't look like they'll be easy for Stark and company in the near future, huh?

What do you think?