Will he? Won't he? Will he? There's been a lot of speculation about whether Robert Downey Jr. would star in a potential 'Iron Man 4' -- most of those teasing remarks coming from the actor himself -- but he recently spoke at TIFF 2014 and set the record straight.

Speaking with Variety at the film festival in promotion of his latest non-Marvel film, 'The Judge,' with the outlet asking Downey if there were plans to make 'Iron Man 4,' the current on-screen Tony Stark said, "There isn’t one in the pipe. No, there’s no plan for a fourth ‘Iron Man.'" Laughing, he added, "I like that the idea is that it would be up to me, like I’m [the] casting director for Marvel."

We've already known for some time that Marvel secured their Iron Man all the way through 'Avengers 3,' which Variety reports for summer 2018 (presumably in that May 4, 2018 slot), and we'll definitely be seeing him dust off his armor for 'Avengers 2' on May 1, 2015 to battle his own villainous creation, Ultron. Though, the future of 'Iron Man 4' seemed up in the air.

His most recent statements on the matter, prior to this latest interview, made a fourth film sound like a possibility. "It’s down to Kevin [Feige, Marvel Studios president] and Ike [Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel Entertainment] and Disney to come to us with what the proposal is, and that’s on us to agree or disagree," he said. Even earlier than that, he remarked, "There will be a fourth ‘Iron Man’ and a fifth, sixth and a 10th and a 20th. I see no reason why Tony Stark can’t be as evergreen as James Bond, Batman, or for that matter, Spider-Man." So you can understand why there was some confusion.

But that's that, folks! No 'Iron Man 4' for Robert Downey Jr., and no 'Iron Man 4' for Marvel at this time, which gells with what's coming down the pipeline. A trilogy for each of its main superheroes -- 'Captain America 3' is set for release on May 6, 2016, and Chris Hemsworth told us at Comic-Con that he's pretty sure 'Thor 3' is a go -- seems like a hearty number, considering the studio also has to expand the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' universe and fit in standalone properties like 'Ant-Man' and 'Doctor Strange.'

Learn more about Robert Downey Jr.'s upcoming Iron Man turn in 'Avengers 2' from our interview below:

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