After an okay first episode ("Pop-Pop: The Final Solution") of the ninth season of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," we're excited to see where they go from there Hopefully the second episode "The Gang Recycles Their Trash" brings it. Read on for our in-depth recap of the latest episode.

This episode starts off at 11:40 A.M. on a Monday, with Mac, Dennis and Dee walking to the bar noting the smell because of the striking trash workers. Inside the bar there's even more trash and Frank complains about the sanitation engineers, who make $20 an hour and want more. After complaining about being "Ass-blasted" they decide to go into the trash business themselves because - according to Frank - it's a gold mine, which Dee notes sounds very familiar.

Frank lays out the plan, which is to get the boys to go to rich people house's and offer to take care of their garbage, while Frank will take Dee to city hall dressed like a whore to get a government contract. After answering their questions, Frank gets them to do it his way. Mac, Charlie and Dennis go to rent a van, and Charlie says that he wants to be the maniac/rogue outsider of the group. They all want to bail on Frank's original plan, as Dennis suggests that - instead of a van - they get a stretch limo (they also all decide to wear tuxes). At city hall, Dee has dressed sensibly, which pisses Frank off as she doesn't look like a whore. It turns out the person they're dealing with knows them, once tried to buy the bar, fired Dee, and is gay. Strike three and four. Frank and Dee then begin ripping each others clothes off. Dennis tries to dissuade Mac and Charlie from pulling wild card stunts, where both were planning on using accents and Mac has a switchblade to make sure the plan works.  They decide to sing their sales pitch, which works and they get $200 to help one lady.

Dee and Frank take the government official to Club Risque, an all nude male revue, in the hopes of winning him over. They pitch doing it at half the cost, while the official says the strike is nearly over and the sanitation union is exceptionally powerful. Frank is annoyed that the strip club isn't working, so Dee suggests he's a "yestergay," but the official says he's still gay and can't leave because Frank's pointing a gun at him. Back at the limo, the trash-taking is going well, like really well. But Dennis suggests that even though the money is great, they all decide they'd rather sell gas door to door, and plot to leave the limo's trash in a poor neighborhood, because poor people don't mind living in filth. As the strike seems about to end, Frank interrupts a talk by the garbage workers union delegate, hoping to keep the strike going, but as he's interrupting Dee shows up looking slutty and in brown-face as Martina Martinez, also hoping to turn the crowd. She's able to point at Dennis, Charlie and Mac dumping trash to get the garbage workers riled up. It works. It takes the boys a minute to realize they're about to be attacked by an angry mob, so they jump back in the car.

Back at the bar, they all decide to forget about it, and drink. Then they come up with a plan to get rugs in the bar, only for Charlie to note they give up too easily and need to learn from their mistakes. They decide to go back to trash collecting, but Charlie cuts the breaks on their van and jumps out back, being the wild card of the group. But everyone else saw that coming, so they let him go and go back to trash collecting. Alas, the strike has ended, and so they move back on to rugs.

'Philadelphia' is at its best when the characters act like Looney Tunes characters, and this was a great episode for insanity. From Kaitlin Olson playing a Latino to the boys slow recognition that they're about to be lynched, this episode was pretty great from top to bottom, with the ensemble working well together, and everyone having a great moment or scene. . But what did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comment section bellow.