A few weeks ago, ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ delivered its highest high-concept promos to date, launching the Paddy’s Pub gang into orbit for our first look at season 10. But why wait until 2015 for any actual footage? See what horrible misadventures Charlie, Dennis, Dee, Mac, and Frank get up to with our first season 10 clips, and some a-Peele-ing new guest stars along the way!

Its premiere set for an unspecific January 2015, the new FXX season of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ has released several new promos of our first year 10 footage, including a ‘Family Feud’ episode (starring ‘Key & Peele’’s Keegan-Michael Key) and more. We can also look forward to multiple returning guest stars, including Catherine Reitman’s Maureen “Dead Tooth” Ponderosa, and from the looks of things, an even-more deformed Rickety Cricket (David Hornsby).

Elsewhere, we’ve heard about a variety of new stories to grace the long-running FX comedy’s 10th season (don’t worry, it’s renewed through an 11th and 12th as well), from game-show parodies, to mile-high beer-drinking competitions, and even a cannibal killer plotline to rival the likes of NBC’s ‘Hannibal’ or ‘The Walking Dead.’

Stay tuned for an official FXX premiere date for ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ season 10 and check out the latest promos above and below!