When a filmmaker like J.J. Abrams spends so much of his time keeping secrets about his latest film from the audience, any new nugget feels like a revelation. And so - confirming an old rumor - it looks like Abrams let the cat out of the bag at last night's MTV Movie Awards that Klingons will have a role in 'Star Trek 2.'

During one of the night's sketches, J.J. appeared - alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Joel McHale - for a jokey thing about cinema's current obsession with archery. He mentioned cutting a bow and arrow Klingon subplot to avoid working with McHale's fake Archery expert.

Abrams likes keeping secrets from his audience, so it's hard to know what's real and what's misdirection. Abrams filmed some Klingon footage that was cut from the first 'Star Trek' (which was pretty terrible), but this isn't that footage, according to Trekmovie.com. That doesn't mean they didn't do this just to mess with fans.

This comes after the "Is Khan in the movie or not" conversation that - hopefully - Simon Pegg ended. As there have been spy photographs that have shown Benedict Cumberbatch in a Starfleet uniform, it's unlikely that he's playing a Klingon, which means that Abrams and company have done an excellent job of keeping their narrative under wraps... For now. Check out the footage from the MTV awards:



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