James Gunn has gotten replaced Henry Cavill with a new Superman actor, but that doesn't mean he’s making a movie about the hero’s early life. While David Corenswet is younger than Cavill, the gap in their ages is not huge; only about ten years. When people think of a young Superman, they likely think of Clark Kent out on the farm with his adoptive parents, slowly learning the truth about who he really is.

That whole take has pretty much been explored as much as it needs to be back in Smallville. Instead of that approach, it'll likely follow the story of Clark Kent learning how to balance his normal life as a reporter, his growing romance with Lois Lane, and his occupation as the Man Of Steel.

James Gunn recently fielded some questions from fans about his upcoming Superman: Legacy filmand when it is going to take place. Specifically, they asked if his “young Superman” movie “was in the past.” Gunn replied saying: “I was never making a ‘young Superman’ movie, just a Superman movie!”

DC Comics
DC Comics

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While we don't really know exactly what this movie is going to look like, it's really exciting to know that it’s on the way. A large part of that is that it’ll be the very first part of a brand new DC Universe. While Superman and Lois Lane are already cast, Lex Luthor and the Authority are still up in the air.

It's also exciting because this is a bit of a passion project for Gunn. He relates to Superman, Gunn told The Hollywood Reporter: “I completely relate to Superman because he’s everything I am ... He’s somebody who is an outsider who feels like an alien, but also the ultimate insider, because he’s f—ing Superman. And that’s kind of like what I feel like.”

Superman: Legacy is currently scheduled to open in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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