The dinosaurs may have been dead for 65 million years, but that doesn't mean all hope is lost that we might see them brought to life in 'Terra Nova' at least one more season!  Still, with one cast member's latest announcement, things may have gotten a bit darker for the prehistoric drama.

Terra Nova - Jason O'Mara

Deadline TV reports that (potentially) former 'Terra Nova' star Jason O'Mara has accepted a role in the forthcoming CBS Ralph Lamb pilot from 'Goodfellas' writer Nicholas Pileggi and Greg Walker.  Though FOX opted not to renew the expensive time-travel series executive produced by Stephen Spielberg, talks are still underway with Netflix to pick up a second season of 'Terra Nova' under their banner of original programming.

Fortunately, O'Mara's role in the Ralph Lamb pilot remains in second position, meaning that if Netflix opts to pick up 'Terra Nova,' O'Mara will likely return to the lead role of future-displaced security officer Jim Shannon.  O'Mara's fellow 'Terra Nova' cast member Allison Miller also remains in second position casting to NBC pilot and Matthew Perry vehicle 'Go On.'

Should negotiations for the expensive 'Terra Nova' fall through however, O'Mara will commit to CBS' Dennis Quaid-starring pilot, which unfolds in 1960 and follows the true-life story of Ralph Lamb (Quaid), a rodeo cowboy turned Sheriff of Las Vegas, along with Johnny Savino (Michael Chiklis), a Chicago mob man whose entrepreneurial vision for transforming Las Vegas collides with Sheriff Lamb's lawful and orderly style. O’Mara will play Ralph Lamb’s younger brother Frank, the diplomat in the family.

Also starring is 'The Matrix' and 'Memento' star Carrie-Anne Moss as A.D.A. Katherine O’Connel, along with Michael Reilly Burke, Michael O’Neill and James Russo in guest roles.

We certainly understand the rationale behind FOX letting go of the bloated and often melodramatic 'Terra Nova' but does Jason O'Mara's latest move man that he himself has lost faith in the dinosaur series to be picked up to a second season as well?  Tell us if you'd like to see the show back, and which role you like best for Jason O'Mara in the comments below!