It looks like Oscar talk has officially started. Mark your calendars: August 2, 2012. The day we began discussing who might host the Oscars. And it appears that Jimmy Fallon will be playing the role of "currently in talks to sing and/or dance and maybe tell some jokes?" at the 2013 Academy Awards.

We haven't even entered Oscar season at the theater yet, but according to the Los Angeles Times, late night talk show host and 'SNL' vet Jimmy Fallon is in talks to host the annual Academy Awards. If that's the case, 'SNL' executive producer Lorne Michaels might come aboard to produce, which means we can probably expect a few appearances from other key not ready for prime time players.

Also of note: ABC is hesitant to give Fallon the gig, considering they have their own late night show hosted by rival Jimmy Kimmel. Fallon hosted the Emmys in 2010 and it went over rather well, and maybe he's the breath of fresh air the Oscars need after the last few years of lackluster hosts. Even the golden team-up of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin underwhelmed. The last great host was arguably Jon Stewart, whose "Three-6 Mafia: One, Scorsese: Zero" joke is forever etched fondly in our memories.

This year's awards were hosted by Billy Crystal, and were a marked improvement over the previous year, when a confused James Franco hosted alongside an eager Anne Hathaway, and by improvement we mean unmemorable. But the question remains: if Fallon does host, how many times will he crack mid-joke? And will Horatio Sanz be there to save him?

Everything is still up in the air, though. According to Deadline, the outgoing Oscars president tried -- and failed -- to hired Fallon and Michaels for next year's telecast. As of now they are still searching for a host and producer.