J.J. Abrams may not have been able to keep the lid on his Mystery Box while filming ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ but it looks like he’s up to his old ways again with his latest project: Abrams, along with his company Bad Robot, is producing a new mystery movie about—what else?—aliens, with first-time movie director Chris Alender. And no, it’s not a sequel to ‘Cloverfield.’

To be fair, Abrams was never going to be able to keep things so secretive on the set of a new ‘Star Wars’ film, given the rabid excitement from fans. But that’s not stopping him from setting up a new mystery project with Bad Robot and Sony. Deadline reports that they’ve acquired the rights to a presently-untitled project from director Chris Alender and screenwriter Justin Doble, who previously worked as an assistant to director Matt Reeves on ‘Cloverfield.’ Alender’s project is described as similar to ‘Cloverfield,’ and while details are few at the moment, the film reportedly involves aliens.

In addition to working on ‘Cloverfield,’ screenwriter Doble was also a script coordinator on the Abrams-produced ‘Fringe’ before going on to write episodes of both ‘Fringe’ and ‘Almost Human.’ Alender is best known for his sci-fi music video for Lovett’s “Eye of the Storm,” which he directed and produced through his own company, Soapbox Films. You can watch the music video below to check out Alender’s talents: