$1.5 billion worldwide. The fourth biggest movie ever. Nearly a half a billion dollars more than the original Jurassic Park. Yes, Jurassic World is a blockbuster. One on an almost incalculable scale.

It sure ain’t a perfect movie, though (or at least I didn’t think it was). The park looked awesome, the dinosaurs were legit, but the characters ... oh, the characters. Boy, were they dumb. One of the sadder and more frustrating human beings in Jurassic World was Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire Dearing, the park’s uptight workaholic manager, who races into the middle of a dinopocalypse to rescue her two missing nephews.

Howard is a wonderful actress, but Claire didn’t give her much to play with. She goes from shrew to adventurer almost instantaneously; even Joss Whedon called out the borderline sexism of the character. Perhaps most infamously, Claire refused to take off her high heels no matter how scary or intense things got in Jurassic World. Even when she’s running away from a Tyrannosaurus Rex, she keeps those pumps on. Any woman, or any man who knows a woman (or any man who has even seen a woman once) would tell you; this is a little bit absurd.

And “a little bit absurd” is the perfect place for some parody, which is where YouTubers XVP Comedy come in. Their new video, “Jurassic Park: High Heels Edition,” is posed as an ad for a new Blu-ray collection for the entire series, as if the makers of Jurassic World got their hands on the previous three films and decided to add high heels to everyone and everything, including the dinosaurs (and even the mosquito in amber). It’s just fantastic hilarious stuff, and it definitely pokes some holes (possibly with a stiletto) in the silliness of poor Claire and her shoes.