There's something inherently silly about salivating over a specialty poster for a movie that hasn't even debuted a proper poster (or teaser or trailer or anything else) and won't even be out until next summer, but this new 'Jurassic World' Comic-Con exclusive poster is cool enough to grab our attention. That's the power of good art. Okay, that's really the power of velociraptors.

The poster was revealed on Twitter via 'Jurassic World' director Colin Trevorrow and this wording is, well, just a little cryptic:

A resourceful few, Mr. Trevorrow? Okay, how many dinosaurs do we have to fight in order to get one? Because we will punch so many Gallimimuses in the face to hang this one our wall.

UPDATE: Text JURASSIC to 834567 for updates from Universal Pictures on when and where to pick up the poster at SDCC!

In all seriousness, the poster really is gorgeous and evocative (and all credit is due to artist Mark Englert). Everything we've heard about 'Jurassic World' has us feeling positive about this project, from the cast to the theme park setting to the confirmed animatronic dinosaurs. A poster showcasing a familiar overturned vehicle, an Isla Nublar skyline and, of course, a muthaf---in' raptor can only make us feel better.

'Jurassic World' is set to open in theaters on June 12, 2015. We'll update you on when and where you can get one of these beauties ... but only after we have one.

Jurassic World Comic Con poster

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