It’s not often that parody trailers are that great, but this one for Jurassic World is exceptional — mostly because it’s completely bizarre and totally nuts. Ever wondered what a dinosaur would look like with Jeff Goldblum’s head? Did you think Chris Pratt on a motorcycle flanked by trained raptors wasn’t wild enough? This parody trailer definitely upgrades Jurassic World with some pretty awesome embellishments and edits.

This Jurassic World parody trailer comes from the bonkers mind of YouTube user Darren Wallace, who somehow manages to make the trailer for the upcoming blockbuster even more absurd by inserting all kinds of little objects — there’s Chris Pratt holding a Rubik’s Cube instead of a dino claw, and slipping on shades David Caruso CSI: Miami-style after nailing it with that one-liner (“YEAHHHHH!” included).

The trailer is filled with wacky edits, too, like Jeff Goldblum’s head on galloping dinosaurs, a dino chilling in an inner tube in the river, swapped character heads, a Justin Bieber poster (?), and a cameo from Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator. “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

But the ultimate addition comes during the already-classic sequence in which Chris Pratt rides on a motorcycle flanked by trained raptors, which is already a totally insane scene — made all the more insane here by putting the raptors on their own motorcycles. Yeah, we’re already excited for Jurassic World, but we kind of wish we could see a feature-length version of this wacky parody.

Jurassic World hits theaters on June 12.