If Universal had know that Jurassic World was going to shatter box office records and quickly become one of the highest grossing movies of all time, they probably would’ve planned a massive new attraction for their theme parks. But seemingly no one, not even the people who made it, predicted that the fourth film in the beloved series would do this kind of business. While there isn’t a brand new ride or show to capitalize on the success of the new movie, Universal Studios has introduced a very cool velociraptor meet-and-greet, which allows guests to meet the deadliest predator in history...and have their picture taken with it.

Although the “Raptor Encounter” has been open in Florida’s Islands of Adventure theme park since May, it has recently opened up shop in California’s original Universal Studios park. Now, west coast tourists can hang out with a guy in a surprisingly convincing raptor costume.

Since California’s Universal Studios isn’t as impeccably detailed as Islands of Adventure (which literally has its own Jurassic Park “land” full of jungles and electric fences), this version of Raptor Encounter literally takes place in the middle of a major walkway. While the Florida version gets points for presentation by placing its raptor inside a fenced in area full of plants and trees, the California version is far more surreal. Watching the raptor “trainer” work with his dinosaur in the middle of a road surrounded by gift shops is strange. And yes, the actor is working from a script that totally takes advantage of that Chris Pratt meme. You know the one.

Check out the California Raptor Encounter in the video above and then compare it to Florida’s version below. And then base your next vacation on which one appeals to you more.

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