You may have heard the rumors that Warner Bros. wanted Ben Affleck to direct their 'Justice League' movie. Quickly, Affleck let everyone know he had no intention of directing 'Justice League' and took the meeting with Warner Bros. (who released 'Argo') just to be polite. But now comes another wrinkle to the story. Warner Bros. didn't just want Ben Affleck to direct 'Justice League,' they also wanted him to star. As Batman.

Ben Affleck is no stranger to playing superheroes. He starred in 'Daredevil' and even played Superman in the crime drama 'Tomorrowland' but it looks like Affleck's superhero days are behind him. Affleck has said that he only wants to direct movies that he also will star in so apparently Warner Bros. took that to heart and offered him not only the 'Justice League' director's chair but the opportunity to be the new Batman.

This was the news reported last night by Latino Review's super scooper El Mayimbe (who also recently scooped Marvel's plans for a 'Planet Hulk' movie):

Though Affleck won't win Best Director at the 2013 Oscars (by some weird turn of events, he wasn't even nominated), he's won just about every other directing award around this year. This gives Affleck all the clout he needs to make any movie he wants to. So why would he bother with the trouble 'Justice League' film and take another chance playing a superhero. Let's be real, it will be tough for any actor or director to follow-up the 'Dark Knight' trilogy with whatever Batman reboot Warner Bros. is planning.

Affleck wisely passed and 'Justice League' has since found itself in a bit of trouble. Do you think this was a smart move by Affleck? Are you glad he didn't take the gig? Or would you have liked to have Affleck rescue the project, which is clearly in need of some rescuing?