We thought it was a little weird that 'Justice League,' the movie being referred to as "'The Avengers' of DC Comics," would be helmed by the actor/director known as 'Daredevil' Ben Affleck. Now it looks like we all may have been a little too hasty to place the man formerly known as 'Gigli' in this gig. (Side bar: yeah, we'll never let him live 'Gigli' down.)

Variety broke the news yesterday that Warner Bros. was eyeing Affleck to direct the upcoming 'Justice League' movie after its former director George Miller originally had Adam Brody cast as Flash, rapper Common as Green Lantern and Armie Hammer as Batman. Yeah, no wonder that was a flop.

Now Deadline, who reportedly reached out to Affleck's camp, says that while Warner Bros. may have offered the job to 'The Town' and 'Argo' director, he has no intention of moving forward on the project and will at most sit in a few meetings with the studio.

Since everyone was hoping Christopher Nolan would eventually take over 'Justice League' after 'The Dark Knight' trilogy's high box office numbers, did we really think Affleck would be the next best choice? Let us know in the comments and who do you think should direct 'Justice League'?