This might be even more awe-inspiring than Jurassic World; in fact, this guy’s Jurassic Park dossier from the ‘90s might actually be more detailed and well-researched than the new sequel. One man has unearthed a binder full of Jurassic Park information, which is both adorable and wonderfully descriptive.

Michael M. recently discovered his Jurassic Park dossier from the ‘90s, which he — as a young, super dedicated Jurassic Park fan — put together after the film hit theaters in 1993. Michael uploaded images from the whole thing to imgur, with descriptions explaining what each piece is and what it means:

The Jurassic Park Dossier

Michael believes he collated the dossier around 1994, when he was pretending to be an employee of InGen, the laboratory responsible for creating dinosaurs. In the first few pages, you’ll find an employee file for Michael, who gives himself an ID number, unlimited security clearance, a tech job, and a ridiculous salary of $50,000 a day. A day.

Michael also keeps a list of the dinosaurs in the park and their offspring, as well as a record of some of his duties, which include hacking. There are also maps, various reports and schematics for attractions to be incorporated into the park — Michael was very forward-thinking, and was already planning on taking the company in the direction of Jurassic World.

Michael appears to have taken his “job” very seriously, and this dossier shows off an impressive imagination. If you have kids, be sure to show this to them and ask them why they can’t be more like Michael. We need more Michaels in the world.

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